The last part of the process at Elevate Leadership Institute is to deploy leaders to contribute to the kingdom of God. After two years at ELI, students are DEPLOYED and equipped to give their best and use their God-given greatness wherever they go and be who God has called them to be.


One Full Year


Additional Leadership Certification in Ministry



Working Internship Experience

Minimum 20 Hours a Week

3 AAPs

2x a month meeting/class with Pastors

Leadership Opportunities

Personal Trips/Camps/and Conferences


  • Worship
  • Media / Production
  • Administration
  • NextGen Ministry (Students & Young Adults)
  • Kids Ministry
  • Facilities
  • Marriage & Family
  • Bookstore & Cafe
  • Small Groups
  • Pastoral Care
  • Missions
  • Strike Force
  • ELI


3rd year interns may participate in major ELI events/activities at a discounted cost to any ELI/ELC trips & conferences.


  • NEXT STEPS: ELI is designed to build and equip young leaders for ministry and leadership in any setting. The classes and experience are life changing. Whether an intern receives an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree they will be fully equipped to go into all walks of life and do great things for God. Many graduates continue their education and earn additional certifications/degrees, while others pursue their passion for ministry or business. Elevate Life Church becomes the place for further growth and connection for graduates. Some interns are offered further opportunities at ELI (like our 3rd  year program) and some have the opportunity to join our staff.
  • ALUMNI ALLIANCE: Our alumni are a vital part in our support system at ELI. Highly involved alumni will be invited to participate in the Alumni Alliance. This is a group of alumni that are consistently involved and serve at ELC. To be in the Alliance, alumni must have paid their price at ELI so that they have the authority to push other interns to be their best for God. Alumni will have the opportunity to pour into the current interns contribute to the growth process in various ways. Some of these involve: gauntlets, teaching, mission trips, guy/girl hangouts and much more.
  • 3RD YEAR: The third year program is an invite only opportunity eligible to any second year graduate. This process is for individuals who want to grow deeper and mature in areas of ministry beyond the two-year structure at ELI. The purpose of this process is not to gain employment for ELC, however some third year interns may have the potential to be on staff or contribute to ELC in some way, but no position is promised. Once the process is complete to DEPLOY their greatness at Elevate Life Church, individuals participate in this process as an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of leadership and responsibilities, beyond an intern area. At the end of one year, an intern will receive additional leadership certification. This is a process where some may, “create a place for themselves” beyond the third year, but it is completely up to their personal growth and development as well as available opportunities at ELC.

Apply For the 3rd year

If you are interested in the 3rd year program at ELI, fill out the application form on the APPLY PAGE.

There will be a $35 FEE to submit your application – you must do so here.


“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”

  HEBREWS 13:7