What is it like to attend Elevate Leadership Institute?
Each week interns attend a variety of classes and receive ministry training from Elevate Life Church’s pastors and staff through intern areas. They encounter opportunities to be hands-on and experienced as well as apply what is learned through serving at ELC.
What are some opportunities for interns?
Interns are able to apply what they learn by attending and serving at Young Adults as well as Students every week. They also get to attend and serve at men’s conferences and women’s events that happen throughout the year. Interns are able to go on a variety of trips each year including GUTS, a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And finally they apply learned knowledge during a trimester at the annual missions trips located inside or outside of the United States.
What is the application fee?
The application fee is $100. This fee is part of the first steps of the ELI application process and is required to be accepted. This cost includes 4 tests that will help us to understand your style of communication, as well as your proficiency levels in multiple areas, which is required to be considered as a student at Elevate Leadership Institute.
When should I expect a response once I have submitted my application?
Once we have received your application, you will receive an email response from us within one week. This email will explain your next steps as well as what you will need to submit in order to complete your application process.
What are the classes like at ELI?
Interns are provided five leadership, biblical and theological classes each trimester. The classes are taught by Elevate Life Church’s pastors, staff as well as other qualified in a practical field of study. During class students will participate in discussions, group projects, presentations as well as complete any course assignments and tests.
How much is tuition?
The cost to attend Elevate Leadership Institute is $2,000 per trimester, which is $6000 per year and $12,000 total for two years. This covers all books, trips, and any internship related costs.
What can I do with my degree?
Elevate Leadership Institute at its core is designed to build and equip Christian leaders, whether in the ministry or business setting. Whether an intern receives an Associate or a Bachelor’s Degree through the internship, the classes and experience are life changing. Interns desiring to seek full-time ministry will find the degree they receive available through Elevate Leadership Institute, will equip them with the knowledge and experience needed. Some students choose to continue their learning process by building upon their degree through our 3rd year program, or another degree program of their choosing.
Can I have a job while attending Elevate Leadership Institute?
Yes, however because of the commitment at ELI, we ask that you limit your work to a part-time job or a schedule that enables you to pursue excellence during the internship. Interns are expected to plan for any ELI or church events as a priority and be aware of the internship schedule.
What are the hours within a trimester at ELI? When are the days off?
Sunday: 4:30pm-8:00pm
Monday: Day off
Tuesday: 9:10am-5:15pm; 6:30pm-9:00pm
Wednesday: 9:10am-8:30pm
Thursday: 9:10am-5:15pm
Friday: 9:10am-3:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am-2:00pm; 5:45pm-7:45pm

Please see the catalog for the general internship schedule and full internship details.

Does Elevate Leadership Institute provide housing?
If an intern is in need of a place to live due to distance, family dynamics or other circumstances, Elevate Leadership Institute is more than happy to assist an intern in finding someone who is planted at Elevate Life Church to be a host home. Host Homes last one full year and are chosen by the leadership at ELI. Overall interns should seek to live in an environment understanding of the demands and standards of ELC. Please note that it can take 1-3 months to find an adequate host home for a student.
What are the rules on dating at Elevate Leadership Institute?
While attending ELI, the primary purpose of students should be to successfully prepare for ministry and leadership. This will only be achieved by focusing on this goal and our general preference is that students do not date while studying at ELI. We do not allow interns to date during the first year (if you are already single) and if you are in a relationship, you willfully choose to submit your relationship to the process and requirements at ELI.
Can I date another intern or staff member?
Your first year at ELI is structured to enable you to focus on your personal growth and development, therefore we ask that if you are already single – that you do not date in this first year. However, it is important to note that during your attendance at Elevate Leadership Institute, you are never allowed to date a fellow intern or staff member, while attending ELI. Upon graduation, it will be your decision to pursue a personal relationship in whatever area you like, but it is not able to happen while enrolled as a current intern.
How involved are parents at Elevate Leadership Institute?
As much as we value your parents, your intern process is dedicated for you personally and they are not to be involved beyond your personal life. Any questions that they may have regarding grades, schedule, finances, leadership, or decisions need to be answered by you personally. The leadership at ELI does not communicate or meet with parents unless requested by an intern.
What is the 3rd year?
The 3rd year at ELI, is a process for students who have received their bachelors from their two year process at Elevate Leadership Institute. This is an INVITE only process, however you can submit an application & it will be reviewed, as well as considered within the areas of your choosing. This process is one full year and you will receive an additional leadership certification in ministry.


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