When an individual chooses this intern area, they will rotate through the kids and next gen. ministry intern areas. Once they have done this they can then choose to be in the pastoral care area or any other area within the ministry internship. The ministry areas include: Kids, Next Gen. (Students & Young Adults) & Pastoral Care. Interns will be trained and led by some of ELC’s Pastoral staff and ministry leadership and will be able to attend weekly meetings with staff. 

This internship provides hands on as well as a specific background look into how ministry areas work & function. At the end of two years, ministry interns will be equipped to carry weight as well as understand what it takes to lead a ministry. The goal of this area is to develop well rounded, passionate, and competent Ministry leaders. 


Interns will be involved in preparing and developing ideas for services and participate in Kids specific events and planning throughout the year. They will have the opportunity to not only learn, but also participate in services, events, small groups, and even team leadership opportunities.


Next Gen. interns will be involved in event/series planning and development, photo/video shoots and hands-on servant leading. They will be exposed to the behind-the-scenes of working in a para-church organization, and will learn what goes into developing and hosting an effective Strike Force event. Interns will know how to promote and be creative in marketing, and embark on the journey of getting into public schools.


Interns will be exposed to what it takes to operate in a Pastoral role. You will receive hands on ministry & leadership training as well as participate in 4 main areas within Elevate Life Churches most crucial Pastoral Care Roles, these include: Interns in this area have  the opportunity to learn from a variety of pastors and leaders within these areas: Missions & Outreach, Foundational Leadership Training & Counseling, Internal Structures & Personal Care, as well as Team Building & Campus Development. 

“If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.”

  Dwight L. Moody