Elevate Leadership Institute’s purpose and goal is to raise up leaders for God. Our hope is that growth continues beyond this two year process and that individuals find Gods direction and purpose for their lives beyond their time at ELI.

Below you will find just a few of the leaders that have graduated from ELI as well as benefited from the program and are now on a life-long journey to be their best for God. 


Gabriel Castro

If you are looking for a great family of people who support, love, and empower you to be the best version of yourself. The internship is right for you! You will learn what it really means to walk in an intimate relationship with Jesus and you get to do it with some of the best people you will ever meet. The relationships I personally gained during my time at ELI, have now turned into life-long Godly relationships.

Maddie Pilgrim

Through the internship I gained a confidence in myself and in God that I didn’t know was possible. I learned to lean on God fully for the first time in my life. The internship changed me at the core of who I am, I found love and acceptance and freedom. It was here where I fell in love with the presence of God and found my passion and calling in life. I am so thankful for the internship and the life lessons it taught me I would choose it a thousand times over again.

Mishal Torres

Elevate Leadership Institute changed my life. I am the woman and leader I am today because of this one of a kind process. When I joined ELI, I was an insecure girl who didn’t know what my value, gifts or purpose was. During two years of learning, serving, and being surround with amazing leaders and friends –  I discovered my purpose, passions and calling. I graduated confidently believing who God says I am and knowing that I wanted to continue serving God & others. Being an intern was one of the BEST seasons and one of the BEST decisions of my life!

Robert Rosario

The internship transformed me into the man I am today. I also found a deeper and stronger relationship with God that allowed me to grow spiritually in my faith. I’m so happy I got the ability to do the internship for two years. It was the best decision I ever made.

Monique Flores

The internship gave me the opportunity to learn, grow, and be stretched in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own. I learned that there is no excuse but the excuse itself, that there is freedom through confession, and that preparation positions you for success. It is where God had transformed my heart; and it is also where I found healthy relationships and my calling. I’m so grateful for Elevate Leadership Institute because it completely changed my life and the course of my future.