At the very start of your time as an intern, we ask that you open an account to pay tuition payments. You may be requested to create an account in the link listed below (once it is clicked.) Our desire is that your account is set up and running well before you even begin your time or attend orientation at Elevate Leadership Institute. If another person is planning to also help with tuition payments, they can use this link. We will need to be notified if there are any additional contributors to your overall account that way we can credit your account correctly. 

If you are a current student at ELI that has previously completed their account set up – you can choose to pay online here or at the office by card, check, or cash. This is simply a convenient way for us to give you access to keep your account updated. Reminder: you must pay within 30 days of your due dates, which usually fall on the 16th of the month, or it may inhibit as well as effect your overall internship opportunities.

Please note that you must set up an account as well as have made sure that you understand the payment process within the first week of school. Our desire is that you take care of it prior to even attending orientation.


Take care of the little things – & the big things will take care of themselves.”