The focus of the second year is to DEVELOP. This is an opportunity for interns to take action with what they have learned. “Whatever you need,” is the ELI motto, and at times it takes a year for interns to begin living and walking this out. By the second year interns have learned the servant leadership mindset and developed themselves to become the best servant and leader they can be. Our goal is for second year interns to be leading themselves faithfully in the daily routine and schedule in such a way that they are now able to help the new interns.



One Year (Three full-time trimesters)



Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership & Biblical Studies



One year at ELI consists of 6 trimesters (12 week sections)

  • Trimester 4 – $2,000
  • Trimester 5 – $2,000
  • Trimester 6 – $2,000

Total Cost: $6,000

*Total Cost for 2 Years: $12,000



72 Total Completed Credit Hours

15 Total Classes (5 per trimester)

215 Hours of Ministry Time

396 Hours of Serving

1 Two Week Missions Trip

Weekly Extracurricular Activity


*Total Credit Hours for 2 Years: 126

*Total Classes for 2 Years: 30

*Total Hours of Ministry Time for 2 Years: 430

*Total Hours of Serving for 2 Years: 792

*Total of 2 Missions Trips for 2 Years



The second year at Elevate Leadership Institute focuses on helping students put into action what they have learned in their first year. It is a time to build upon the foundation of what has been learned and develop into a leader through action. After interns discover their passion they are able to deepen their abilities to lead in the following areas:

  • Worship
  • Media / Production
  • Administration
  • NextGen Ministry (Students & Young Adults)
  • Kids Ministry



Each year ELI travels within the USA or abroad as a part of the learning agenda. There will also be additional trips as well as conferences that will take place within a year.



The second year at ELI is focused on personal development. Being able to use the information taught in all areas during their process and take action based on the new level of maturity and awareness in:

  • COMPETENCIES: Once interns discover their gifts and talents they have the opportunity to develop themselves and become competent. Competency is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. It is the external proof of God being able to use their talents and gifts that have been developed. Being a leader is about being able to function in your best and highest use for God.
  • VISION: Due to the development of core values and discovered gifting and passions, interns are able to develop a vision for their life. Individuals are able to take actions towards having the life God has planned for them, with a clear vision to keep growing beyond ELI.
  • GOD-FIDENCE: Interns will learn and know who they are, what they contribute, as well as develop confidence in God and learn to trust Him to help them become their best. Through learning to trust God, they are able to build a new level of confidence beyond their own power.
  • LEADERSHIP: In the second year, interns learn to develop their personal leadership abilities. They will benefit from the leadership opportunities at ELC and learn to focus on their team and less on their personal agenda.
  • OTHERS: All second year interns are responsible to help first year or new interns throughout the ELI process. Many second year interns get the opportunity to lead on a high level in different areas of the church, as well as lead students in the GEARS discipleship program. This is looked at as a privilege – not a right.
  • BIG PICTURE: “The thing is not about the thing, but every thing is about everything.” – Interns learn to develop big picture thinking and discover how to be a part of something bigger than themselves, through servant leading. Big success comes from doing small things well first, and those small things help you to practice consistency and persistence, so this ensure that big opportunities don’t pass you by.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Interns will develop one of a kind of relationships throughout their time at ELI. Many find lifelong friends and mentors while being in the internship. Students are taught to value and navigate intimacy and wise council, so that they can be successful in relationships.
  • BEST: In the start of the process at ELI, most individuals understand clearly right and wrong. But in the second year interns are able to understand the difference between good and best. The hope is that each person pushes to be the best man/woman, intern, friend, leader the can be for God. Our hope is that young leaders choose to be their best for God and others – so that God can give them the best in return.



  • 144 Credit Hours of Classes & Internship
  • No Failed or Incomplete Grades
  • Complete Tuition Requirements
  • Participate and Complete 2 Two Week Missions Trips
  • Complete Serving Hours
  • Finalize and Complete Gym Tracker
  • Fill out Bachelor’s Degree Application



The goal at Elevate Leadership Institute is to see lives transformed by once in a lifetime experience and to prepare young leaders for all that God has for them.



Our graduation ceremony is for those who complete two full years at ELI. They are celebrated & blessed into their next season of life by the pastors, staff, and leadership at Elevate Life Church. The Graduation Ceremony is open to anyone, so friends, family, ELI alumni as well as ELC staff are able to attend & celebrate.


“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”