Celebrating 13 years

ELEVATE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE was founded in 2010 with the heart to raise up future leaders for God, and that is exactly what has been accomplished over the last 13 years. We have seen people find their calling, their passion, their closest friends, and even their spouse at ELI. 

There have been thousands of lives touched through the mission trips and servant leadership of ELI. Countless lives and families have changed forever through an individuals choice to grow and develop themselves. 

Elevate Leadership Institute was unlike any other college opportunity offered in America. Many other programs have learned from and replicated what we did in these last 13 years, and we believe that as we move forward at Elevate Life Church, we will continue to develop emerging leaders in various capacities. We believe that by continuing to be “whatever you need” people, we will see God’s hand on our lives as we live to serve others as Jesus did. 

At this time we are not offering enrollment for Elevate Leadership Institute. However, we are excited to announce that we have begun the development of a new leadership program that will launch in the future at Elevate Life Church.

To all the alumni, thank you for choosing to pay the uncommon price of leading yourself & for choosing to contribute to the kingdom of God in all of the unique ways that you choose to do so today. 

To the teachers, pastors, staff, and parents that have supported the students of ELI, thank you for taking the time to stand with, and pour into the leaders of the future. It is an investment that will keep yielding a great return. 

To Pastors Keith and Sheila, thank you for allowing us to establish a place for leaders to grow and develop. This drive to raise up leaders who are also the greatest servants is something that will live on at Elevate Life Church forever.

ELI may be ending, but the heart behind it will live on in the lives and stories of those of who it has touched.